Tips for Writing A Strong Career Summary

What Makes a Great Resume, 4 Tips from Professional Resume Writers NYC
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A resume career summary is a critical part of your resume. Some may say it’s the most important section.  It very well can be the only part of your resume that the hiring manager reviews. If you don’t have a strong career summary to grab their attention, they likely won’t go any further. It gives the reader a flavor for who you are as a candidate. Similar to how you feel when you read the introduction to a book and decide whether you will continue, the recruiter will make the same decision.

You want to take advantage of every opportunity to catch their attention and keep them wanting to know more about you as a job applicant. Recruiters don’t read all resume, they typically have too many applicants per position. Majority of companies put your resume through a candidate screening system referred to as ATS. If you do pass that initial screening which is rather difficult then you want to make every effort to engage the recruiter or hiring manager with a compelling career summary.

Your Movie Trailer

If your assignment was to put together a 60 second movie trailer about who you are as a professional and why someone would want to see your movie, what would you say? What makes you stand out as a candidate? Think of movie trailers that actually peak your interest. They give you a flavor of the movie, generate enthusiasm and get you wanting to know more. There are elements to the story line that catch your attention. What are the most interesting parts of your career, your wow moments so to speak?

Major Accomplishments in Your Career Summary

What are you most proud of? You should give this some serious thought and be specific. Think about your key accomplishments from the hiring manager’s perspective. What does your boss commend you for? Have you been recognized for exceptional performance, received any awards, what does your performance review state? Sections of your summary should demonstrate how you exceeded company metrics, impacted profitability, or drove organizational efficiencies. If you led strategic initiatives for the organization, give a couple of facts about that. The goal is to think about how you contributed to the company’s success and articulate that in quantifiable terms.

Figuring Out What Is Important To The Company

The job posting provides valuable insight into what skills are required to be successful in that role. It may also give insight into the company culture and values. Carefully review the job descriptions of positions you are interested in for clues that will help you target your career summary. You want to focus on what the reader cares about and highlight that.

Written Communications and Creativity

If you have strong written communication skills and creativity, then you are well on your way. It’s important that you highlight important facts offering a brief overview of your accomplishments and skills. Articulating it in a clear and concise way that grabs your audience’s attention is essential.

If you are still struggling, consider hiring a professional resume writer. They will help you impress the decision makers. Your resume is an important tool in showing your best professional self.