Tips for Writing A Strong Career Summary NYC

Tips for Writing A Strong Career Summary

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A resume career summary is a critical part of your resume. Some may say it’s the most important section.  It very well can be the only part of your resume that the hiring manager reviews. If you don’t have a strong career summary to grab their attention, they likely won’t go any further. It gives the reader a flavor for who you are as a candidate. Similar to how you …

Surefire Strategy to Explain Gaps in Employment NYC

Surefire Strategy to Explain Gaps in Employment

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When you are let go from your company, take time off to raise children, or another life circumstance takes you away from the workforce, you have gaps in employment. When you decide to reenter the workforce, those gaps in employment need to be explained. An experienced resume writer can help tell your story. Whether you took six months off to backpack through Nepal or left to care for an ailing …

A Great Cover Letter Best Resume New York City

The Key to Writing a Great Cover Letter

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As you seek out your dream job, you have to write cover letters that really shine. Your professional resume and cover letter are a great way you can set yourself apart from the competition. Unfortunately, most people write a cover letter that reads like a cookie-cutter form letter rather than one that shows who you are as a professional and why you are the ideal candidate. If you want to …

What to remove from your resume New York City

6 Things To Remove From Your Resume

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6 Things to Remove from Your Resume You want to catch the attention of the hiring manager, but your resume could actually be the problem. There are a number of things you need to remove from your resume if you want a successful job hunt. You have to get rid of the fluff and the extraneous details and focus on what is relevant. Your main goal is to get the …