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Working From Home Adapt to Change
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Two working parents balancing work and family has always had its challenges, how to you adapt to change so suddenly? Now look at us in 2020. Parents working from home with kids learning from home either blended or full time has made things that much more difficult. All these changes can create additional stress in the home. The goal is for parents to be able to successfully work from home while their children receive a good education through remote learning. Easier said than done to adapt to change. With a plan in mind and some helpful tips on how to coexist it can be achieved.

Establishing Boundaries – Adapt to Change

You have a work schedule that you must stick to and children have their school schedule. Communicating your expectations is key. Letting your family know your schedule and what you need from them will go a long way in preventing misunderstandings. Scheduling breaks is important. When working from home, sometimes there is a tendency to work straight through without taking any time for yourself. Ongoing communication and respect of each other’s roles is key.


Your kids will adapt to the new schedule and begin to establish their independence. They can find ways to keep themselves busy while mom and dad are working. A majority of their time will be spent with virtual learning or blending learning depending on what is in place within your community. Then homework typically takes up a considerable amount of time. This helps them feel engaged and allows you the chance to work from home productively. Structure is vital on all sides so everyone has the tools to perform at their best.


There is plenty of data that shows multi-tasking lowers productivity. If your attention is divided and you start one task and do something else before it is completed, it takes time for your brain to continuously shift gears. Focusing on work during working hours is essential. Doing whatever you can to create a separation for work and family is crucial. You want to be able to enjoy your family time. It will help you recharge for your next day of work.

Your Work Space

Setting up a separate workspace whether it’s a separate room if that is possible or a nook in the corner with a room divider, is important. It signals your family that you are at work. It gives your brain a signal as well that this is your office environment. It has your office supplies, your laptop and whatever tools are necessary for you to perform your job well.

Working from home with kids learning remotely can certainly be challenging. The lines become blurred with your work and home life. It can create stress, anxiety and affect your ability to perform at your best in the various roles you play. Establishing structure, strong communication and setting boundaries will go a long way in creating separation and a healthier happier existence. You want to create and follow through on these plans in order to be productive as an employee and enjoy your family life.