Renew Your Job Search in December

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There are a number of reasons December maybe the perfect time to kick start your job search and beat the competition. Although some companies may not be hiring in December, they will likely be looking for candidates for January and February hire dates. New hiring budgets are in place for the new year. Some employees may resign after receiving their year-end bonuses. In addition, there are typically less job applicants in December especially around the holidays. This gives you a unique opportunity to kick start your search and beat the competition.


Take the opportunity to reach out to your contacts and Check in to see how they are personally and professionally. an important part of networking is the ability to reciprocate. if you can share some advice or an article they may be interested in, it demonstrates the relationship is a two way street. In December people tend to be more generous with a giving spirit. it also may be a slower time of year which gives you a better chance to hear back from these individuals. Building your network is always worth the time and investment. December is the optimal time to take full advantage of that opportunity. If you feel they can assist you with your job search or have possible connections, you can follow up with them in January.

Seasonal Work

If you are looking for something temporary to hold you over through the holidays, there are certain industries hiring a significant number of workers. They tend to go through the recruitment process very quickly. This gives you the chance to land something fast. Their hiring volume is high so you will likely go through a condensed interview process. Certain industries like transportation and online retailers are hiring very aggressively for seasonal workers. This may be just what you need for additional income while you search for a more permanent job opportunity. Industries that you may not expect like large pharmacies do seasonal hiring as well.

Beat the Competition

Many job applicants don’t typically focus their job search efforts in December. This means there’s less competition for the jobs that go up in December. Take full advantage of this opportunity. There are less applicants to compete with which makes this the perfect time to get your foot in the door. Check job postings daily and apply immediately. When a position opens in December, it typically means there’s an immediate need that cannot wait until January. This could help you avoid some of the stress that goes along with waiting for feedback and going through a lengthy interview process. Make this a part of your daily routine and set aside an hour or so to see what’s new.

December is a great time of year to reach out to individuals from your network and see what is out there in the job market. Although it can typically be slow, the positions that do post usually need to be filled rather quickly. Furthermore, there is less competition in December than in any other month for the most part. Spend a little time each day focusing on your job search. It may just bring the opportunity you have been waiting for. Furthermore, you will be prepared for a jump start in January.