Increase Chances to Land A Job During Pandemic

Increase Your Chances Career Shift NYC
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The ability to adapt is critical during these rapidly changing times. There has been a career shift and renewed focus in the essentials industries. Many are adjusting to working from home, finding new ways to communicate and stay connected. The unemployment rate has gone up considerably over this past year.

Possible Career Shift

If your industry has been hit hard during the pandemic, are you open to a shift in your career? You may want to look for something temporary to hold you over. Considering a change either temporarily or permanently will require updates to your resume and how to conduct your search. Hospitality, travel and retail have been hit particularly hard during this time. There are of course many more industries feeling the impact. If you were already considering shifting careers, it may be a good time. You might have already been looking into opportunities in industries that have grown this past year.

Targeted Resume

It is essential that your resume is targeted appropriately. If you are making a career shift or industry change, you need to adjust for that target audience. All your job search materials should be updated if you want to shine in this very competitive job market. A resume should be customized for the role. If you are applying for different types of jobs requiring different skill sets, then a resume must be tailored to those positions. Because the screening process for job applicants is technology based, a one size fits all resume is not sufficient. If you want to be seriously considered, time and effort goes into preparing a custom resume.

If you are having difficulty on how to target your resume, a professional resume writer has the expertise. They understand how the applicant tracking systems that most companies use work. They are a great resource in improving your chances of success. Additionally, if you are making a career shift, it’s difficult to figure out what to put in your resume so you compete with individuals more experienced in the field. It becomes even more important to have a resume that demonstrates your transferable skills. You have to sell yourself on why you are a viable candidate. A professional resume writer can tell your story in a compelling way.

Social Media

Has your social media been adjusted to reflect the direction you would like to take your career? Is it optimized? Are you taking advantage of all the LinkedIn functionality? There are a number of steps that can be taken to improve your chances especially if you are considering a career shift.

Update Your Skills for Career Shift

Once you decide on your career goals, you should study the job postings to see if you need to update your skills. Take a realistic assessment of yourself to see what the skill gaps are and what steps you should take. You want to close the gaps. It’s also imperative to show your prospective employer that are will to learn new skills. There are ways to show that on your resume. It’s always a positive to show your commitment to continuous learning. Companies value that. It sends the message that your are flexible and interested in learning and growing as a professional. Develop a plan of action and a timeframe for when you expect to complete it. Taking a methodical approach will help you stay on track.

Researching different industries will help you determine your direction. Once you identify which industries are focused more on hiring, it will help you decide where you want to go in your career. Tailoring your resume based on your career goals is critical. You want to make sure your strategy is the right one in advancing your job search. When in doubt, hiring a professional when it comes to your career is money well spent. It’s an investment in your career and your future.