Job Market Trends NYC

Job Market Trends

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The current global economy continues to be impacted by inflation, interest rates and talks of recession. Layoff announcements are a concern for many especially in certain industries for high paying jobs. These mass layoffs came unexpectedly for some high level high paid professionals. It can be unsettling to experience these events especially when they happen quickly and without clean warning signs. A bright spot in the job market is the …

How Emotional Intelligence Matters NYC

How Emotional Intelligence Matters for Career Success

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Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in career success. There are resources available to measure and improve upon your level of emotional intelligence. Important Elements of Emotional Intelligence Although there are a broad range of competencies utilized to assess emotional intelligence, we will go through a few now. Self-awareness is absolutely essential to career success. Being able to look at yourself honestly and determine what are your strengths and what …

Increase Your Chances Career Shift NYC

Increase Chances to Land A Job During Pandemic

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The ability to adapt is critical during these rapidly changing times. There has been a career shift and renewed focus in the essentials industries. Many are adjusting to working from home, finding new ways to communicate and stay connected. The unemployment rate has gone up considerably over this past year. Possible Career Shift If your industry has been hit hard during the pandemic, are you open to a shift in …

What To Do If You Are In A Career Rut NYC

What To Do If You Feel Stuck In Your Career

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You’ve been doing the same thing for years. You feel like you are not learning or growing although you desperately want to and absolutely love learning new things. You can’t remember the last time you had a challenging work assignment. Some of your colleagues appear to have moved on to bigger and better things. They have higher salaries and feel energized by their new jobs but you feel like you …