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Increase Chances to Land A Job During Pandemic

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The ability to adapt is critical during these rapidly changing times. There has been a career shift and renewed focus in the essentials industries. Many are adjusting to working from home, finding new ways to communicate and stay connected. The unemployment rate has gone up considerably over this past year. Possible Career Shift If your industry has been hit hard during the pandemic, are you open to a shift in …

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The Health of the Current Job Market

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The United States job market is continuing its growth efforts. In July, employers in the United States added 209,000 jobs. This is the 82nd straight month of job growth, which sets a new record. In addition, this growth beat economists’ expectations with unemployment at just 4.3 percent. This is the lowest level of unemployment since 2001. There is a fear that the job market is starting to reach full employment. …

Careers in High Demand Resumes

Careers in High Demand and Growing

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In today’s job market, it’s critical to do your research when considering different career options. Given the changes in technology and globalization, roles are evolving and there are jobs out there that did not exist twenty years ago. Here are some careers in high demand and are projected to have significant growth in the years to come. Software Developers are increasingly important given the reliance on technology across industries and …