Careers in High Demand and Growing

Careers in High Demand Resumes
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In today’s job market, it’s critical to do your research when considering different career options. Given the changes in technology and globalization, roles are evolving and there are jobs out there that did not exist twenty years ago. Here are some careers in high demand and are projected to have significant growth in the years to come.

Software Developers are increasingly important given the reliance on technology across industries and in all walks of life.  Our dependence on those who can write code affects a growing number of our daily activities from arranging for uber to booking a vacation to using your Fitbit. These modern conveniences seem to have a technological component to it however we don’t give much thought to the woman or man behind the curtain.

HR Managers plays key role in mergers and acquisitions integration and strategy, elevating performance, identifying and retaining top talent. HR Managers focus on training and development, compensation and benefits, address employee relations concerns, providing coaching and support to all departments and are instrumental in driving the culture within an organization. They pretty much touch every department and are heavily relied on for business strategy alignment.

Nurses are a sought-after profession given the increase in life expectancy, more of an emphasis on preventative care and health care reform. The number of nurses expected to retire outweighs those entering the profession. There are many specialties within nursing that may appeal to a broad spectrum of individuals looking to positively impact the lives of others and offer comfort during difficult times.

With growth in the rental market and billions invested in the rental property market Property Managers have become increasingly important in efficiently managing all the challenges that come with addressing maintenance of the property, tenant satisfaction and cost reduction efforts. Property Managers interact with vendors, board members, conduct inspections, have direct involvement in operating and capital expenditures among a host of other valuable functions.

Other Careers in High demand include Market Research Analysts which generate information regarding the behaviors and attitudes of consumers. They identify products consumers want, do analysis to determine how to price products based on what customers are willing to pay, and provide valuable insight to project sales. In a nutshell, they are problem solvers that analyze and make sense of data.

Marketing Managers have broad responsibilities in developing strategy, planning and executing on a range of marketing activities. Those activities may include engaging customers through social media campaigns, increasing brand awareness, developing and executing on digital marketing efforts. Marketing Managers are constantly on their toes to ensure organizations stay relevant and constantly adapt to change.

These careers in high demand may or may not be a good fit for you however they are certainly worthy of consideration. If you are thinking about changing careers or entering the job market, take the time to see what’s going on in the job market and keep your options open. If you take the time to see what’s out there, you may be surprised. You can come across a new and exciting career that’s perfect for you and it very well may be a career in high demand.