Career Trends to Watch NYC

Career Trends To Watch

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Changes in career trends are impacting the career choices professionals are making. Where is the demand, what is the best job fit for you and your lifestyle are all considerations that come into play? In addition, some individuals have lost their jobs in difficult markets and decided to move in a different direction all together. There are some exciting career trends to watch that open up possibilities that may not …

Increase Your Chances Career Shift NYC

Increase Chances to Land A Job During Pandemic

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The ability to adapt is critical during these rapidly changing times. There has been a career shift and renewed focus in the essentials industries. Many are adjusting to working from home, finding new ways to communicate and stay connected. The unemployment rate has gone up considerably over this past year. Possible Career Shift If your industry has been hit hard during the pandemic, are you open to a shift in …

Nontraditional Career Ideas If I Hate Sitting At A Desk NYC

Nontraditional Career Ideas If I Hate My Office Job

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Some people absolutely dread going to an office all day, sitting behind a desk typing away on the computer. To some, it can feel very confining. For individuals who love to be outdoors or in the field and hate working in an office, there are exciting nontraditional career ideas for you to consider. Why Not A Tour Guide? Tour guides can be history majors or study art or have an …

Looking for a Career that Helps Give Back NYC

Looking for a Career that Helps Give Back

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Every job has a purpose and provides value to the organization and the community as a whole in some shape or form. We should take pride in the role we perform and how it helps better society. Many of us are on a quest to give back and want to know the best way to approach that from a career standpoint. Although there too many jobs to name, I will …