Looking for a Career that Helps Give Back

Looking for a Career that Helps Give Back NYC
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Every job has a purpose and provides value to the organization and the community as a whole in some shape or form. We should take pride in the role we perform and how it helps better society. Many of us are on a quest to give back and want to know the best way to approach that from a career standpoint. Although there too many jobs to name, I will highlight a few career choices that give back.


Teachers contribute to the learning and growing of our youth. For instance, they help children and young adults understand new concepts, find their path in life and prepare them for their future contributions. Special education teachers help children overcome certain obstacles in learning, emotional and behavioral issues and offer consistency to their environment. Teachers can help students build their self esteem.

Medical & Health

There are a variety of different fields within health and wellness. Doctors and nurses deal with life and death emergencies on a regular basis. They help people address medical challenges, provide treatment options, search for cures and guide them on how to manage existing illnesses. They play a vital role in health. Hypnotherapy is a natural alternative that helps people overcome many challenges like phobias, weight loss, stress management and a number of other hurdles that we face in life.


Nutritionists offer invaluable information in giving back and helping people move toward a healthier lifestyle path. They provide guidance in developing healthy, balanced meal plans and promote good habits. Eating healthier and taking better care of yourself overall helps you gain a different perspective. As a result, it can assist with stress, your level of happiness and a variety of other factors.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives are problem solvers. We may not always think of them that way because we may call them when our frustration levels are high. They are patient, kind, take the time to listen and help us solve our problems.


Police officers and social workers perform an important function in keeping people safe and contributing to the community. Police officers help to maintain order, save lives and enforce the law. Social workers help people receive the much needed services they need. They introduce people to affordable services that they may not have been aware of, support them in gaining awareness of the types of assistance they need and focus on safety.

Whether you recognize it or not, your role does provide support to others in one way or another. Some people don’t give themselves enough credit. Whether you help someone solve a problem, make their environment a little brighter, give people joy, help them relieve stress or provide a much needed service, feel good about what you do. I find tremendous value in providing professionals with the tools they need to find job that fulfills them. I am grateful every day for that gift. Above all, be grateful for the many talents you have and how it serves the greater good. I only mention a few career choices that help to serve the public to get people to think about their many contributions. All roles give back.