Why December is a Great Time to Update Your Resume

Why December is a Great Time to Update Your Resume NYC
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December is actually a great time to update your resume and get ready to start applying for jobs. Intuitively, you may not think so, but you’d be surprised. Most company budgets run through the calendar year. During the last quarter of the year, they will firm up their hiring plans for 2020 and some start posting in December. January and February are typically very strong months for your job search.

Less Competition

Applying for positions in December may work to your advantage. Most people are focused on getting ready for the holidays and decide to get their resume ready in January and plan to apply for jobs in February. Those individuals lose out on opportunities in January which is one of the peak months. If a job postings comes up that piques your interest, don’t wait until the posting is up to long. Applying right away is critical. At some point, recruiters stop looking at applicants even if the posting is still up. You may have less competition the earlier you apply for your dream job.

Update your Resume

Updating your resume in December is a smart move. If you don’t find any positions that interest you in December, there should be a lot of new postings that come up in January. You will be prepared with a newly crafted resume instead of scrambling to get your resume together when the perfect job comes up. Careful thought and consideration should go into creating your resume. It’s the first impression you make with a prospective employer. You don’t want to miss your dream job because your resume didn’t get the attention it deserves.

Using A Professional Resume Writer

Your resume is the most critical marketing tool in showcasing the value you bring. Hiring a resume writer that understands the job market and has an in depth knowledge of the technology used to screen candidates is extremely beneficial. As a candidate, you may feel like you are spinning your wheels during your job search. An expert can help you navigate through this time and provide you with a very polished resume that stands out.

Most people are not trained on how to create a dynamic resume in line with how candidates are screened today. Writing a resume is not the same as writing communications at work. It’s not only about writing well, it’s about selling your unique brand that goes through a resume software system which can be tricky. I hear from so many clients how they spent weeks even months trying to put their resume together with limited success. Either they were unhappy with the final product they created, don’t feel like they truly sold themselves or simply didn’t hear back when applying for positions.

Investing in your career and yourself is a worthwhile move so think about using a professional to update your resume. So much time is spent at work. Wanting to find a job that challenges you and pays you fairly is not too much to ask for. Even if you’re not sure if you want to leave your current role, you may want to put your toe in the water and see what’s out there.