4 Job Interview Tips to Find A Job NYC

4 Tips for Updating Your Resume

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When updating your resume content, there are a number of things that you should focus on. The objective is to optimize it and create the best first impression. It is the most important document for your career. Format The proper format is extremely important for a number of reasons. First of all, it must be formatted for the applicant tracking system. It should also be easy to read or scan …

Tips for Negotiating Salary NYC

Tips for Negotiating Salary for Your Job Offer

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Once you have successfully completed the job search process and land a job offer, then what do you do, you think about negotiating salary. Some breathe a sigh of relief and think that’s it. There’s still work to be done. It’s the part of the process that many feel uncomfortable with however it’s crucial. Negotiating salary for your job offer may feel intimidating however if you do your research, you …

Vital Elements Successful Job Hunt

Vital Elements of a Successful Job Hunt

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Performing a job hunt can be an extremely time consuming and frustrating process. It may do a number on your confidence level while you are on edge waiting for calls from companies that don’t seem to be coming. It can take forty five minutes to apply for one job, just one job. You may ask “Why do I keep getting these rejection emails? I have the experience but can’t seem …

Why December is a Great Time to Update Your Resume NYC

Why December is a Great Time to Update Your Resume

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December is actually a great time to update your resume and get ready to start applying for jobs. Intuitively, you may not think so, but you’d be surprised. Most company budgets run through the calendar year. During the last quarter of the year, they will firm up their hiring plans for 2020 and some start posting in December. January and February are typically very strong months for your job search. …