Vital Elements of a Successful Job Hunt

Vital Elements Successful Job Hunt
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Performing a job hunt can be an extremely time consuming and frustrating process. It may do a number on your confidence level while you are on edge waiting for calls from companies that don’t seem to be coming. It can take forty five minutes to apply for one job, just one job. You may ask “Why do I keep getting these rejection emails? I have the experience but can’t seem to get traction on my resume.” It can certainly weigh on a person. Spending countless hours and not seeing the desired results. So what are key job hunting tips?

Diligence in your Job Hunt

First and foremost, your job search becomes your full time job. You need to fully commit to the time necessary to conduct a successful job search. Simply devoting a few hours over the weekend or an hour or two every other day will not be effective. Making it a  daily routine is absolutely imperative.


The majority of companies use an automated process to screen candidates typically referred to as ATS (applicant tracking system). The goal is to target your resume based on the position you are seeking in order to effectively rank well in the screening process. If you develop a generic resume, it simply won’t work. It may take some time to reflect on what is the next step in your career path. It’s a necessary step in order to have a successful job hunt.


You may be struggling with how to present yourself. What are hiring managers really looking for? It feels like they can’t recognize your talents and that you will work hard for their company. There are some job hunting tips and strategies vital to getting your resume noticed by important decision makers. When you are going through job boards and come across something that interests you, really take the time to understand what the company is truly seeking in the ideal candidate. Tailoring your resume is key to optimizing your results with the ATS.

Holistic Approach

Simply looking at job boards is only one aspect of your strategy. There are a number of job hunting tips you should follow. Tapping into your network is a necessary component. Former colleagues, friends or a previous manager may be able to get you through the door. Granted, you will have to impress the decision makers but the right contact can be invaluable. Does your social media present you in the best possible light? Have you taken the time to update the different elements of your LinkedIn profile. Most companies will look you up on LinkedIn if there’s an interest in you as a candidate. Not having a solid profile can seriously hurt your chances of consideration.

Taking a holistic approach to your job search and incorporating these job hunting tips is a must. A full commitment is needed for a serious job search. Simply posting for a couple of jobs here and there won’t get you where you want to be. Similar to the care you give in presenting yourself at work, give careful thought into you how market yourself to land your next job.