Vital Elements Successful Job Hunt

Vital Elements of a Successful Job Hunt

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Performing a job hunt can be an extremely time consuming and frustrating process. It may do a number on your confidence level while you are on edge waiting for calls from companies that don’t seem to be coming. It can take forty five minutes to apply for one job, just one job. You may ask “Why do I keep getting these rejection emails? I have the experience but can’t seem …

Tips to Avoid Job Hopping NYC

Tips for Avoiding Job Hopping

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Your parents or grandparents may have worked for the same company for 20 or 30 years. That is less common today for many reasons. Many companies do not expect you to work your entire life for the same company. However, they may frown upon what is considered frequent job hopping. There’s no standard definition of what is job hopping. It varies from person to person. It can affect you in …