Tips for Job Growth

Tips for Difficult Job Interview Questions

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This is a follow up to the last article about answering difficult interview questions. We receive a tremendous amount of questions from clients that struggle with the interview process so thought we would initiate a part two dedicated to this important aspect of the job search process. Being prepared will help you land that exciting job opportunity. There are many questions that stump candidates leaving them feeling like they blew …

Vital Elements Successful Job Hunt

Vital Elements of a Successful Job Hunt

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Performing a job hunt can be an extremely time consuming and frustrating process. It may do a number on your confidence level while you are on edge waiting for calls from companies that don’t seem to be coming. It can take forty five minutes to apply for one job, just one job. You may ask “Why do I keep getting these rejection emails? I have the experience but can’t seem …

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The Health of the Current Job Market

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The United States job market is continuing its growth efforts. In July, employers in the United States added 209,000 jobs. This is the 82nd straight month of job growth, which sets a new record. In addition, this growth beat economists’ expectations with unemployment at just 4.3 percent. This is the lowest level of unemployment since 2001. There is a fear that the job market is starting to reach full employment. …