Preparing for Tough Job Interview Questions

Preparing for Tough Job Interview Questions New York
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You may be one of the few that actually likes to go on job interviews. The likelihood is that you dread the entire process and wish hiring managers would tell you what they want to know with their job interview questions. There are so many things to consider. Anticipating their questions, being concise, focusing on your body language and truly showcasing your accomplishments. No wonder it’s so stressful. Here are a few tough job interview questions that you want to be sure to nail.

Tell Me About Yourself

Nailing this question sets the tone for the entire interview. It’s the first impression you make. Coming up with a clear and concise way to tackle this question can be nerve racking. Take a good look at the job description. Think about how you have demonstrated those skills and what you are most proud of. Forget about all the stuff in between that is not relevant. Then follow through with your 30 second pitch.

Overcoming A Conflict At Work

So, most people have someone at work that rubs them the wrong way. We may think they are not pulling their weight, trying to make others look bad or perhaps are considered the “Suck Up” of the group. Whatever the reason, when you are asked about how you addressed a conflict with a coworker, it’s an extremely delicate question. You can’t shy away from it by saying you never had a conflict. Although you want to be strategic about the example you choose.

Perhaps you choose an example where your coworker did not complete an assignment and it held up the rest of the group. Taking the time to communicate with that individual one on one, listening to what the obstacle was and problem solving with the individual is a great example. It shows strong communication skills, problem solving abilities and a level of empathy. You should probably shy away from an example where the issue was not resolved or you ended up going to your boss to issue a complaint. With every interview question you answer, you should ask what does that say about my skills. How can I demonstrate my value and contributions?

What Makes You the Best Candidate

So the why should I hire you question in some form or another is typically asked by savvy interviewers. Here’s the catch. The trick is to pay attention throughout the interview. An interviewer will give you a number of hints or direct statements of what is important in this role, what the culture is like and how to thrive. Were you paying attention? It is best to prepare your answer in advance however you can make slight adjustments based on what you’ve heard. “Strong project management, problem solving and collaboration skills are essential in this role. Here are a few examples of where I demonstrated these skills and it led to a significant $2M in saving or a 12% increase in revenue…” You want to articulate your accomplishments as it relates to the role and quantify results whenever you can.

Tough Job Interview Questions

Nailing the tell me about yourself question can give you the confidence you need to move forward and truly do your best. Properly preparing for those tough job interview questions will help alleviate some of that anxiety. Mock interviews are a great way to practice in a safe environment that helps you think through how you wish to present yourself and get expert advice. Whether you hire an expert or prepare on your own, do your research and dedicate time to the process.