4 Tips for Updating Your Resume

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When updating your resume content, there are a number of things that you should focus on. The objective is to optimize it and create the best first impression. It is the most important document for your career.


The proper format is extremely important for a number of reasons. First of all, it must be formatted for the applicant tracking system. It should also be easy to read or scan for the hiring manager or recruiter. Clean formats are essential, nothing too fancy that takes away from the relevant content of your resume. Calibri, Times New Roman and Arial are good font choices. They work well for the technology based screen system (ATS) and for the individuals that will review your resume if it ranks well.

Remove Resume Content that is no longer Relevant

Resumes should typically go back  through up to 15 years of work experience. If you have more than 15 years work experience, things like internships or working your way through school is no longer relevant. In order to rank well you need as much content as possible that aligns with the positions you are currently targeting. Some of that other information will just take away from experience that pertains to the job description. Objectives are no longer used in today’s resume and should be eliminated. Take out graduation dates because those are indicators of one’s age.

You should also take a look at your entire resume. See which bullets in each position don’t support major accomplishments or what is outlined in the job description. If there’s a technology that’s no longer in use or you worked on a project that will not show your skills for this position, then remove it. Resume content should be focused. Adding unnecessary content to the length of your resume will only detract from your achievements.

Add Current Position and Trainings

If you have been promoted into or moved on to a new role you should always keep your resume updated with your current position. Adding new skills that you have acquired demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and the ability to learn and apply new information at work. If it speaks to your strengths as a candidate, it should be included. It’s even more important if it’s a requirement of the new position.

Keeping your resume fresh and updated helps you to be ready to go when opportunities present themselves or if your employment situation changes. There are key elements you want to focus on and incorporate as part of your resume content. Making sure you have a simple format with an easy to read font and focusing on relevant content in relation to the positions you are targeting will serve you well. Remove items that are no longer relevant or that take away from your skills. Overall keeping your resume current is important for new life circumstances. Invest the time into your resume. Take care with your resume as it is an essential marketing document for your career. It’s actually essential in promoting one as a viable candidate.