When You Should Update Your Resume

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There are number times when it makes sense to your resume updated. A general rule of thumb is to always have a resume that is for the most part updated. In the event of a change in your job situation or if a new opportunity pops up, you will be ready.

Seeking Internal Promotions

Most companies require that you go through a formal process when applying for an internal position. Regardless of the fact that you have years of experience with that company, there’s usually a screening process that applies to internal and external candidates. Typically, there’s an applicant system where  you apply for the position, submit your resume and go through an interview process. Job postings usually go up for one to two weeks internally. Given that limited time frame, it is essential that you are ready when an exciting new opportunity arises. If you seek professional resume writing services, it could take about a week for you to receive your resume from a highly regarded company.

Losing Your Job

Companies are merging, acquisitions are taking place in record numbers and companies go through layoffs for a variety of different circumstances. You may be an exceptional performer however events beyond your control could affect your job status. Although there may be warning signs you can’t always predict what will happen. The best thing you can do is to be prepared in case you lose your job. Losing a job can be a really tough blow and you don’t want to be scrambling when you are in that frame of mind.

Applying for Educational Programs

There are a number of educational program applications that require you submit a resume or respond to a series of questions explaining your work experience. Some educational institutions may require both. There’s a considerable amount of competition for continuing education programs. Whatever you can do to differentiate yourself as a candidate is well worth the time and investment. They will review all sections of the application therefore you should give the utmost care to how you present yourself as a candidate.

Updating Your Resume

Updating your resume is important when you reach certain milestones in your career.  Whether it’s a promotion, acquisition of new skills or success in completing a key initiative. You never know what opportunity may arise. Timing is everything and you want to make sure that you are prepared and can turn around a strong resume within a short timeframe.

Career Change

If you plan to move in a new direction in your career, then it is imperative to create a new resume.  One that targets that particular direction. It becomes even more important to have a strong resume that can convince hiring managers you are right for this new job.

Your resume essentially is the most important document in marketing your skills and abilities. There are a number of times within your career that it is vital to update your resume. If putting together a resume is something you keep putting off then perhaps you should hire a professional resume writer. Considerable thought should go into presenting yourself in the strongest possible light.