Top U.S. Cities in the Job Market Today NYC

Top U.S. Cities in the Job Market Today

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If you are considering your next move to another city before retirement, it is important to do your homework. Look at statistics regarding the job market. Some cities have been experiencing significant job growth and a lift in certain sectors. Factoring in that job market data is essential in the financial aspect of your decision.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 800,000 jobs were added January and February …

How to Present my Consulting Freelancer Work Experience NYC

When You Should Update Your Resume

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There are number times when it makes sense to your resume updated. A general rule of thumb is to always have a resume that is for the most part updated. In the event of a change in your job situation or if a new opportunity pops up, you will be ready. Seeking Internal Promotions Most companies require that you go through a formal process when applying for an internal position. …

Resume Essentials to Include NYC

Resume Essentials For Getting Noticed

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Writing a resume can be difficult. Your career has gone in many directions, companies require you wear many hats, there are so many things to capture. What do hiring managers and recruiters want to see on your resume? What will grab their attention can feel like a real mystery. The whole process can be overwhelming. What are resume essentials? Career Summary If a hiring manager read nothing else in your …

Find Jobs In Demand Now for Career Move

Finding Jobs In Demand Now

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Career professionals are thinking more about the direction of their next career move and different options available. Certain companies are having financial challenges as a result of the pandemic while others are growing at a rapid rate. Some are seriously considering switching careers in light of the current job market. Furthermore, company needs are shifting and certain roles are in demand now more than ever. E-commerce Demand for online services …