Finding Jobs In Demand Now

Find Jobs In Demand Now for Career Move
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Career professionals are thinking more about the direction of their next career move and different options available. Certain companies are having financial challenges as a result of the pandemic while others are growing at a rapid rate. Some are seriously considering switching careers in light of the current job market. Furthermore, company needs are shifting and certain roles are in demand now more than ever.


Demand for online services has risen at an accelerated pace since the start of the pandemic. People are trying to avoid crowded places, ordering groceries online, buying office furniture for home office needs and getting other essentials for this new normal. This has created a higher demand for a variety of roles including warehouse managers, grocery workers, order selectors and drivers to only name a few. Additionally, customer care has become increasingly in demand and may be a career move to consider.

Healthcare Professionals

Changes occur on a regular basis. Locations like New York that were previously considered hot spots for the virus have seen a steady decline in coronavirus cases. California and some other states have more recently become hot spots. Based on the shift in medical needs, there is a greater demand for traveling nurses to go where they are most needed. Companies are seeking public health experts as we continue to deal with this pandemic.

Rise in Unemployment

Due to the rise in unemployment across the country, there is a greater need for professionals that process unemployment claims. In addition, customer service that handle the influx of calls and a number of other positions in various functional areas that support that entire process. A need for those that develop and improve these processes is vital.

Thinking Broader About A Career Move

If you do your research, you can find out what positions are truly in demand right now. Based on that, you may decide to make a career move so you can find one of these in demand jobs. Think about your specific skills and what you enjoy. Based on that, you can narrow down your potential career options. If you have recently lost your job or feel you may be at risk, you may want to consider pivoting careers.

Working from Home

You may have feelings of anxiety about returning to an office even with all the precautions being taken. This may trigger thoughts about a career move. Therefore, you may have considered looking for a job where you can work from home. Although many companies are decreasing their office footprint, there are some roles that are easier to perform from home. A number of IT, financial analysts, sales, customer service and online teaching positions are being performed from home at an increasing rate. There are a variety of remote opportunities available to strong writers and other freelancers.

There is a lot to consider with the current state of the job market. Job openings in certain fields are at an all time high. This has become a new factor for individuals to consider as they plan their next career move.