Exciting Jobs I Can Do From Home

Exciting Work From Home Jobs NYC
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More and more career professionals are looking for work from home jobs. Companies are devising ways to make it easier and more productive to have short or long term work from home arrangements. There are some very exciting jobs that can be performed from home.

Writing Work From Home Jobs

Strong writers have some fascinating opportunities available to them depending on where their skills and interests lie. Businesses look for content writers for their websites and ghost writers for blogs, and the like. Publishing houses look for proofreaders and editors.  A variety of organizations including universities, hospitals and nonprofits seek those who specialize in grant writing to secure funding. Therefore, there are a number of avenues available for those with exceptional writing abilities looking for work from home jobs.


Online teaching has been available for individuals who work and are pursuing their degree, those taking summer sessions and learning languages. Now there has been an even greater shift to online teaching opportunities. We think of teaching in the classroom setting however that is no longer the only option. Although a challenge, technology has made it more practical to teach and engage students online.


Tax preparation, booking keeping and a variety of other accounting functions can be performed from home. Although tax preparation is typically seasonal, businesses without an in house accounting department do hire individuals to maintain their books throughout the year. Hence, this provides ideal work from home jobs.

Social Media

Social media has become an extremely essential part of a companys’ overall marketing strategy. It is a commonly performed and an increasingly important work from home function. The role may be executing on their current strategy or even developing their new social media direction.


Given the rise in telemedicine and the need for online consultation and expertise, online nursing professionals are in high demand. Consequently, large health insurance companies are hiring nurses to provide clinical consultation, offer educational services and perform case management duties. It enables nurses more flexibility in choosing a career path to work in a medical facility or another avenue in healthcare.

Virtual Assistant

For professionals with strong organizational and administrative skills that prefer a more flexible work arrangement, a virtual assistant role can be a good fit. Many managers and executives have difficulty managing their calendar and keeping up with all communications and travel arrangements. In addition, follow up with a variety of vital duties that make a virtual assistant a critical member of their team. At times, an assistant becomes the right hand for their manager.

There are so many more flexible work arrangements available to job seekers, now more than ever. For a number of reasons, these work from home jobs have become more attractive. Some professionals want more flexibility with their schedules. Parents may opt for online schooling which means a parent may need to be at home. Companies are reducing their office spaces. Furthermore, technology is making it more practical to offer these work from home arrangements. Although not all jobs can be performed from home, there are choices for a wide array of different skill sets.