How to Present my Consulting Freelancer Work Experience NYC

When You Should Update Your Resume

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There are number times when it makes sense to your resume updated. A general rule of thumb is to always have a resume that is for the most part updated. In the event of a change in your job situation or if a new opportunity pops up, you will be ready. Seeking Internal Promotions Most companies require that you go through a formal process when applying for an internal position. …

Tips For Overcoming Your Career Rut

Tips for Taking Charge of Your Career

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Sometimes we find ourselves in a career rut and are at a loss for how to dig ourselves out. Spending most of your day in a job that may not challenge you or you don’t find meaningful, can be frustrating. It’s important to be productive, feel that your contributions are important and that they are recognized. It becomes draining when you find yourself in a career rut. The good news …