Tips For Reluctant Career Changers NYC

Tips For Reluctant Career Changers

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There are a number of reasons one may consider changing careers. Even if you feel it is the right move for you, it may be scary to be a career changer. Staying in your current role may seem easier than switching to a new career. I have a number of clients that are shifting to different careers. Some are doing so because of shifts in demand within the job market, …

Nontraditional Career Ideas If I Hate Sitting At A Desk NYC

Nontraditional Career Ideas If I Hate My Office Job

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Some people absolutely dread going to an office all day, sitting behind a desk typing away on the computer. To some, it can feel very confining. For individuals who love to be outdoors or in the field and hate working in an office, there are exciting nontraditional career ideas for you to consider. Why Not A Tour Guide? Tour guides can be history majors or study art or have an …

Looking for a Career that Helps Give Back NYC

Looking for a Career that Helps Give Back

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Every job has a purpose and provides value to the organization and the community as a whole in some shape or form. We should take pride in the role we perform and how it helps better society. Many of us are on a quest to give back and want to know the best way to approach that from a career standpoint. Although there too many jobs to name, I will …

Tips For Overcoming Your Career Rut

Tips for Taking Charge of Your Career

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Sometimes we find ourselves in a career rut and are at a loss for how to dig ourselves out. Spending most of your day in a job that may not challenge you or you don’t find meaningful, can be frustrating. It’s important to be productive, feel that your contributions are important and that they are recognized. It becomes draining when you find yourself in a career rut. The good news …