Tips For Reluctant Career Changers

Tips For Reluctant Career Changers NYC
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There are a number of reasons one may consider changing careers. Even if you feel it is the right move for you, it may be scary to be a career changer. Staying in your current role may seem easier than switching to a new career. I have a number of clients that are shifting to different careers. Some are doing so because of shifts in demand within the job market, while others are looking for a new challenge or greater flexibility with their home life situation.

A Happier You As A Career Changer

When an individual feels like they’re performing a more meaningful role it has a positive effect on their job fulfillment and overall happiness. If you feel like you can do more than your current role, it may be time to consider other options available based on your skills and potential. When you are happy in your career, it effects all other aspects of your life. I personally consider myself a career shifter. I used my years of experience as a human resources leader to focus on what I enjoyed best in my role, which was helping people navigate through and be successful in their careers while maximizing opportunities to learn and grow.

Consider Your Options

First of all, take a moment to reflect on whether you may just be in a temporary rut or it is a time to consider a different career option. When individuals make a career change, it does not necessarily mean you are making a complete 180. There should likely be an overlap in skills. it’s a matter of focusing your efforts on the type of work you find more meaningful. Take some time to truly evaluate your skills, speak to those who know you best and can offer key insight.

If you are having difficulty still figuring out what direction to take your career, take a look at some job postings and see what excites you. There may be options out there that you are unaware of. A career coach is a great resource in helping you identify the best options. Choosing a career coach that is also a professional resume writer will give you the added benefit of helping you market yourself as a career changer.

Research The Positions

Research positions to get a better sense of demand within the job market and compensation information. In addition, find positions that truly interest you. Perhaps you know someone in the field and can have an opportunity to interview them. Another option is to potentially job shadow them so you get a more accurate picture of the role. Things aren’t always what they seem so before you make that leap, do your homework.

If you are considering career changing, you want to make a decision that is right for you. This requires considerable effort in terms of research of different factors. Do your best to make sure you have a realistic picture of what lies ahead. Invest in a career coach or professional resume writer to help you navigate through your choices and market yourself accordingly. Happy hunting in the search for your exciting new career.