How To Find the Right Job

How To Find the Right Job NYC
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How do I find the right job for me? So many people struggle with their career choices. Obviously, people must make a living which means the priority becomes putting a roof over your head and food on the table. A career choice is a critical decision. You spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else basically.  What are some indicators can I am in the right job? Equally important, what are some signs that I am in the wrong job?

Find The Right Job

First and foremost, what are some possible signs that I am in the wrong job? One important indicator that you were in the wrong job is how you feel on Sunday night. Are you dreading work on Monday? Do you toss and turn Sunday night because you already stressed out about going to your place of work? If you don’t get enough sleep then Monday will likely be a difficult and less productive day. It all becomes a vicious cycle. On Friday you cannot wait to leave work and perhaps are counting the minutes and hours until your workday is over. You may be in a role that is becoming obsolete. Facing that fact and taking action to learn new skills is an essential part of the career process. There may be other reasons you are unhappy at work. You may not feel challenged or possibly you are feeling overwhelmed. These are all circumstances that you should not ignore.

What Motivates You?

What is your motivation? Is it a sense of stability? You may be less likely to leave if you are working for a company that has been around a long time and you are confident the company will remain successful. That sense of stability may provide a peace of mind that is vital for your wellbeing. If that’s what drives you then you select a role and company that meets that criteria. If you are looking for advancement in your career, then you choose a path that provides those potential opportunities. You study the company when you go through the interview process and do your research to see how employees feel about the company. Perhaps you know someone who works there and can give you insight. You research career options that have a good progression and focus your efforts accordingly.

Your Strengths

It certainly helps to do an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to truly understand what you are good at and select career options that allow you to truly utilize your strengths. If you are detail oriented for instance, something in finance, information technology or administration are some possible paths to consider.  If you are entrepreneurial and have strong relationship building skills however want the stability of working for a company, perhaps a sales job is something to consider.

A professional resume writer and career coach can help you market yourself properly based on the career direction you choose. There are a number of personality inventories that help you narrow your options for instance the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Choosing the right job is essential in finding satisfaction at work and meeting your financial goals. Decisions about your career path should be given considerable attention. There are so many rewards to finding the right job for you.