Nontraditional Career Ideas If I Hate My Office Job

Nontraditional Career Ideas If I Hate Sitting At A Desk NYC
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Some people absolutely dread going to an office all day, sitting behind a desk typing away on the computer. To some, it can feel very confining. For individuals who love to be outdoors or in the field and hate working in an office, there are exciting nontraditional career ideas for you to consider.

Why Not A Tour Guide?

Tour guides can be history majors or study art or have an experience from youth that could have sparked their interest. One of my most memorable experiences with a tour guide was abroad. He was a tour guide during the day and aspiring to be an actor. The tour guide did a walking tour of the city I visited and would act out certain historical scenes as he took us to various important sites. He used a creative approach to pique our interest and create a lasting impression. Some tour guides are required to speak multiple languages, have a solid foundation of history or to understand the significance of the city or town they live in.

How Do I Find An Exciting Sales Career?

There is some level of administrative office work associated with sales jobs. There are many sales jobs where you are out in the field meeting new people, finding opportunities to expand to your potential client base. Some sales people make their best contacts on the golf course, now that can certainly be a fun place to conduct business. Successful sales people have an ability to quickly connect with and gain the trust of individuals. Many sales job are at least partially commission based. Furthermore, you have to be able to operate with that uncertainly and aggressively drive your own results. For example, real estate sales can be an intriguing career path to consider. It may require weekend hours and availability to your clients at all times. It can be very lucrative with a high earnings potential.

What’s Involved in Being A General Contractor?

Becoming a General Contractor requires considerable knowledge and experience in different aspect of building, structural matters, electrical, plumbing, carpentry and HVAC among other things. A general contractor works at different job sites ensuring the work is performed correctly, with precision and in a safe manner. They are generally subject to deadlines and must have good judgement in projecting out timelines. It’s an opportunity to be out their in the field and see the fruits of your labor from start to finish. They manage relationships with vendors, clients, inspectors and other individuals. Consequently, negotiations, strong communications and problem solving skills are of paramount importance.

Should I Become A Teacher?

Teachers have a tremendous responsibility to shape the minds of our future leaders. They have to teach a number of students with different learning styles, from all backgrounds and with various strengths and opportunities to improve on. Teaching requires patience, creativity, a strong sense of organization among other important skills sets. Teachers have the chance to influence students goals, aspirations and future career choices. It’s an exciting field to be in. Generally speaking, benefits are comprehensive for teachers. It can be very rewarding to see the impact you have on students. Watching them learn and grow and knowing you had a direct impact.

What Choices Do I Have if I am Artistic?

There are so many possibilities for artistic individuals to choose nontraditional career ideas. You can work in a museum, write literature, become an interior designer, a food critic, a blogger, paint, build sculptures, design store layouts and windows. You can work on a set creating costume designs, collaborate on movie or television productions, do photography and more. It all depends on where your talents and interests lie. In fact, there are so many options to consider. If you dread the thought the working in an office and want to be free to create, do your research to see what is a good fit for you. Artists see the possibilities and can create something from nothing. They are responsible for so much of the beauty in this world. In addition, they open our minds and shape opinions.

Furthermore, not everyone chooses to take the traditional path in their careers. In this day and age, it’s difficult to define a traditional career path to say the least. In fact, nontraditional career ideas can be life changing. Figure out what drives and motivates you. Think about what has sparked your interest through the years. A career coach may be a great investment if you are not sure how to best utilize your talents.