Overcoming Uncertainty and Possible Layoffs

Overcoming Uncertainty and Possible Layoffs NYC
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Dealing with uncertainty can be overwhelming. Some people are working from home now balancing work and family with children home from school. Others have been temporarily or permanently laid off. Some are working at the front lines managing the supply chain, health care, within distribution, delivery, transportation, construction and many others. Anxiety levels can certainly run high if you are worried about your possible layoffs, an actual layoff, financials and your health all at once.

Yes, unemployment is rising. Yet, there are corporations that are hiring at an extremely high volume to service some of what is considered essential at this time. If you have been laid off or anticipate possible layoffs, it’s important to be proactive for your own peace of mind. Companies are still hiring and people are still conducting their job searches.

Understanding Unemployment Benefits

Understanding your unemployment benefits is essential to proper planning. Do your research so in the event of a possible layoffs, you have a better understanding of your finances for when you are conducting your search.

Lean On Your Support System

There are ways to stay connected even if you are not in proximity. Keep in touch with family and friends. There are a number of free video call options available in case you can’t be together at this time. Talk with your family about how you are feeling. Bounce ideas off them. They may be great resources that think about things you may not have considered. They probably know you well and of course want the very best for you.

How Do I Deal with all these Emotions After a Layoff?

You may be thinking I have dedicated so much time to this company. I have performed well. I did everything they asked of me and more. Going through a layoff, regardless of the circumstances takes a toll emotionally. There can be anger, a sense of loss and possibly confusion. It affects your self-confidence. Work also gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose. You may feel a bit lost after being laid off. These are all valid emotions. The important part is to allow yourself to feel those emotions and then let it fuel you in a more productive way. Put that energy into your plan of action for finding an opportunity that you are truly excited about.

Should I Start My Job Search or Wait?

Getting ready for your job search is vital. Companies are hiring, do you want to miss out on these opportunities? Whether you decide to create your resume on your own or hire a professional resume writer, it needs to be tailored to how candidates are screened today. It’s critical that your resume is optimized for the ATS which is an applicant tracking system that screens candidates. How you rank on this system determines if anyone actually sees your resume and if you have an opportunity for an interview. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is another important component of your job search. There are experts that can help you.

If you have a plan in place, it will help you feel more prepared if something does happen and reduce your stress level. Job market conditions change regularly, companies move operations, they do a variety of things to reduce their operating expenses. Or something entirely unexpected happens like what we are dealing with today. Therefore, it’s always good to be proactive and execute your plan.