Career Trends To Watch

Career Trends to Watch NYC
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Changes in career trends are impacting the career choices professionals are making. Where is the demand, what is the best job fit for you and your lifestyle are all considerations that come into play? In addition, some individuals have lost their jobs in difficult markets and decided to move in a different direction all together. There are some exciting career trends to watch that open up possibilities that may not have been considered before now. Something that allows you to fully utilize your skills and pursue a passion.

Continuous Learning

The key to making yourself more attractive as a candidate is to focus on continuous learning. Are you constantly learning new skills? New skills are important, based on technological changes and what hiring managers are looking for. Problem solving and strong communications are universally critical skills for a broad range of positions. Having certain technological skills are imperative. The overall ability to learn demonstrates flexibility and increases your value as a strong candidate or employee. Do your research to determine what skills are in demand and how can you make yourself more marketable.

More Opportunities for the Entrepreneur

With sites like Upwork, Esty and Shopify, there are more opportunities to sell a service or a product. More and people like the idea of becoming their own boss, taking matters into their own hands. Shopify has seen significant growth because of the interest in selling products and becoming your own boss. Etsy allows you to make your own products, you can be creative and entrepreneurial. So many avenues have opened up to those interested in freelancing because there are already existing platforms with a base on clients and marketing dollars that do not have to come out of your pocket. It’s a low cost way to become an entrepreneur.

Career Trends for Career Changers

Although the data changes depending on your source, the average person changes careers approximately 4 times within their lifetime. Data is available regarding career changers through the Department of Labor. Although years ago, it was less common, now professionals are changing careers more than ever. There is a focus on work life balance and fulfillment at work. Another factor that comes into play is when you originally make your career choice, you are inexperienced and may not always realize what is the best job fit for you. Another important element to be considered is regarding what jobs are in demand. Put yourself in the hiring managers’ shoes and figure out what’s important to them and what positions are growing rapidly. What does your current organization value and what are the career trends to watch?

So many factors go into the career decision making process. There are career trends as well that influence direction. Now more than ever, people are moving into freelancing. There are many platforms available to those who want to become entrepreneurs but didn’t have the capital to invest in a new business. Now there are options where that investment is not necessary or minimal. Do your research to learn about the different choices that have opened up. You never know, some exciting career choices that you never even know about may come to fruition.