When Should I Consider Updating New Skills

When Should I Update My LinkedIn Profile

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Promoting yourself on LinkedIn is a critical part of your professional development and being in control of your career. Recruiters are constantly looking for talented individuals on LinkedIn and value those that continue to develop new skills. Whether you are actively looking or not, it will help you build your network and be visible to those with future opportunities. I have worked with a lot of clients that had the …

Tips to Reenergize Your Search NYC

Tips to Reenergize Your Search

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All aspects of your online presence matter when conducting a job search. Social media makes it so much easier to promote yourself but it’s imperative that you do so wisely. Everything you put out there online creates your image and it’s an excellent platform that you should take full advantage of. You need to present yourself in a confident and professional manner in order to reenergize your search. Be Specific …

Why Invest in a LinkedIn Makeover NYC

Why Invest in a LinkedIn Makeover?

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An optimized LinkedIn profile goes a long way in your job search. Data shows that over 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn to identify, evaluate and network with potential candidates. That’s a significant number and it continues to increase year over year. There are a number of benefits to a LinkedIn makeover.  It’s critical to have a strong social media presence in order to compete in this competitive job market. Simply …

cover letters NYC

How Important Are Cover Letters in 2017

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With some media outlets reporting that cover letters are dead, writing one may seem like a waste of time. An estimated 47 percent of applicants did not include one with a recent application, and only 26 percent of recruiters thought that they were important. With that said, there is still an importance to making a cover letter in 2017. They may be less relevant today, but applicants should still have …