Why Invest in a LinkedIn Makeover?

Why Invest in a LinkedIn Makeover NYC
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An optimized LinkedIn profile goes a long way in your job search. Data shows that over 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn to identify, evaluate and network with potential candidates. That’s a significant number and it continues to increase year over year. There are a number of benefits to a LinkedIn makeover.  It’s critical to have a strong social media presence in order to compete in this competitive job market. Simply having a profile that you spent little time or thought in putting together puts you at a huge disadvantage.

Relevant Profile

There are a number of ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile from a functionality and content perspective. In addition, you can alert your target audience that you are open to exciting, new opportunities. Make sure you are thorough and complete all the profile sections that are relevant. Minimal content on your LinkedIn profile could be a major disadvantage. Considering you are competing with many talented professionals, if the recruiter or hiring manager don’t see the skills they are seeking very quickly, they will likely pass over you. Relevance is key. Candidates make the mistake of including either too much or not enough information. You want to strike a balance and focus on the key accomplishments that demonstrate your true value.

Being Engaged On LinkedIn

Remaining engaged on LinkedIn is important in showing your desire to share best practices, encourage colleagues and to demonstrate your thoughtful leadership. In addition, consider posting your own content, commenting on the posts of others and engaging on a consistent basis. Your level of activity on LinkedIn will help in gaining visibility. That visibility can translate to potential opportunities. If you are only on LinkedIn periodically, you can miss some important communications. You want to ensure you are timely in your responses to your connections, recruiters and potential connections. Responding weeks later to someone will not foster those relationships. You may miss out on something great.

Using A Professional Resume Writer

A professional resume writer can typically help you in creating your LinkedIn profile or provide a LinkedIn makeover with a focus on relevant content customized to your target audience. If you are struggling with what to include on your LinkedIn profile and how to optimize visibility, a resume writer can help. You want to ask if they have a clear understanding of the functionality of LinkedIn. When we complete a LinkedIn profile, we provide clients with several recommendations on how to take advantage of the functionality in optimizing your profile.
Furthermore, a robust and relevant summary is critical in getting you noticed. Something to note is ideally you want to optimize your LinkedIn profile and establish important connections before you need a job. That way you can stay proactive and already have developed key relationships. When the time comes, you can leverage those relationships to identify some potential opportunities.

Ensuring your social media presents you in a professional light is key in today’s competitive job market. It allows you to hit the ground running when they time comes to seek out these exciting opportunities.