Tips for Job Searching Over 40

Tips to Get Hired Over 40
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So, you are over 40 years old and want to put your best foot forward competing in the job market to get hired. You have a wealth of experience and a great deal to offer your next company. Perhaps you are excited about this new chapter, perhaps a bit nervous. That’s understandable but you must keep in mind, a company can benefit a great deal from your experience. So how do you showcase that track record of success?

Some of my clients express concern about being in the job market over 40. They fear that companies want to hire someone at a lower salary, perhaps someone that they may be perceived as having fresh, innovative ideas. Being innovative has absolutely nothing to do with age. If you feel you deserve a higher salary, then it’s your responsibility to show how you will add value to the company and why you deserve a higher salary.

Your Job Search Becomes Your Job

Your job search becomes your full-time job. You need to devote enough time and energy into your job search. Recruiters love working with more experienced professionals. Recruiters compensation is primarily commission based and if you command higher compensation, they make more money. Make sure you are covering all your bases in your job search. You may love your recruiter, but you can’t rely solely on them to find you an opportunity. You need to explore the different avenues within your search.

Throughout the years, you have developed a strong network. Reach out to that network and see if they can assist you in your search. Even if something is not available now, check in with them every so often to see what comes up. Don’t stop there. You need to diligently apply for positions online which means you need a standout resume. There are so many job opportunities out there that requires you to dedicate time to looking every single day in order to get hired. As postings come up that interest you, jump on them. If you wait too long, recruiters could have already met their goal of solid candidates to choose from and will stop accepting other applicants even if the posting stays up.

Displaying Confidence

So, you have that wealth of experience. Be confident in what you have to offer. Don’t waste time worrying about why you think you won’t get hired, focused on why you should be hired. You have so much to share with that next company. Be proud of your accomplishments and learn to communicate them effectively.

Interview Preparation to Get Hired

Some of my clients have not been on an interview in years. Polishing those skills is critical. You very well could be an exceptional presenter however doing well in an interview involves a different approach. Furthermore, you could benefit from a mock interview session to help you prepare your elevator pitch, figure out what experiences you want to highlight and craft a concise and compelling message.

You need to shed yourself of the negative thoughts and focus on all the positives you bring to the table as a talented and experienced professional. Always demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow, and an enthusiasm for the position. Keep your options open as you explore throughout your job search.