What You Might Overlook in Your Resume

What You Might Overlook in Your Professional Resume
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Your resume is your number one, I repeat number one marketing tool in your job search. Having said that, did you give your resume the attention it deserves? If you can answer that question yes, with 100 percent certainty, you are on your way to getting the job you want. If you hesitate, then it’s time to get back to the drawing board and give your resume the thoughtful time and attention it deserves. Whether that means taking the time necessary to write it correctly or hiring a professional resume writer is up to you.

Here are some key pieces of information that recruiters are looking for and may be missing from your professional resume.

Career Summary

Keeping in mind, recruiters or hiring managers spend seconds reviewing your resume, a powerful career summary is critical in grabbing their attention. That may be the difference between getting that interview or being completely overlooked. Recruiters are working on filling many positions simultaneously, so every moment counts for them. If you can make their job easier by highlighting some of your key accomplishments right at the top, that could make the difference. Think in terms of relevance when you write your summary. It’s not an autobiography. It’s a few sound bites of your most impressive achievements that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Your Resume Is Not A Job Description

A resume is not the same as a job description. Many make the mistake of providing a list of tasks they perform on a regular basis. That does not differentiate you from the competition. It fails to highlight your important quantifiable accomplishments and to demonstrate the specific value you bring to the organization. How have you helped the company reach their strategic objectives? How have you supported the company in meeting their profitability goals, managing expenses and driving results. A member of senior leadership once told our company, if you are not contributing to the company’s’ bottom line results, I don’t need you. Although it may sound harsh to some, it is how most companies evaluate your performance in one form or another.

Relevance of your Professional Resume

I tell my clients all the time, it’s all about relevance and that’s how my team and I target a resume. If you want to focus on project management, then you place more emphasis on your success in that area. If you worked in marketing and sales and are seeking a sales position, you highlight your success in sales. You choose what aspects of your work experience you decide to pay more attention to. If you are having difficulty prioritizing or how to present your major accomplishments, a professional resume writer has expertise in marketing your skills in the best light.

Take the time to consider what you should and should not include in your resume. Everyone should have a current resume. You never know what the future may bring. While you are working is the best time to have your resume updated. Bottom line is it’s all about relevance when creating a professional resume to target your ideal position.