How To Prepare for Layoffs

Prepared for Layoffs NYC
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News about layoffs has become more and more prevalent in recent news. It seems that a major company is announcing major layoffs every week. Some large organizations plan to lay off up to ten percent or more of their workforce. It is alarming.  Certain sectors are hit harder than others. Technology jobs are seeing some dramatic layoffs from industry leaders. However, it is not only the tech giants. Layoffs are being announced across industries. From technology companies to the auto industry to financial services to telehealth, it appears that most industries are impacted in some form.

What Should I Do to Plan for A Possible Layoff

You own it to yourself to be proactive in terms of your career. Furthermore, most professionals really cannot afford to be out of work for very long. With rising inflation rates and the dollar not stretching as far as it used it, it is vital to be prepared.

Throughout my career as a human resources professional and now as a resume writer | career coach, I stress the importance of being prepared for unforeseeable situations. Therefore, having a current resume and expanding your business network is a must. Scrambling to get everything done after a layoff will likely not bring you the results you want or deserve.

Update Your Resume

Your career and your skills are constantly evolving. You want to be ready for opportunities when they present themselves. Many people struggle with their resume. It may seem difficult to figure out what hiring managers are looking for. Furthermore, trying to determine what to prioritize when you do so much at work can feel overwhelming.

Updating and targeting your resume is essential. Most companies today use an applicant tracking system to screen resumes. Therefore, your resume needs to be optimized based on this technology based process. It is important to understand that screening process or hire a resume writer that knows how to optimize your resume accordingly. In addition, you want your resume to be targeted based on the types of positions you will be looking for, basically your next job.

How To Be Confident in Your Job Search

The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be in the event of a layoff. Having an updated strong resume that you can send to a recruiter or a contact at any given moment will boost your confidence. In addition, if you continue to expand your network and make important connections, you can reach out to these individuals as part of your job search strategy. You will have already forged relationships so there is no need for awkward introductions. You can simply let them know you are conducting your job search and ask for their assistance in some form. They may be hiring managers or know of opportunities that may be of interest to you. These connections can help you get in touch with the right people.

Layoffs can be scary. However, if you are prepared to market yourself and begin your job search right away, it will alleviate some of the pressure. Always having an updated resume is an important step in that direction. Furthermore, already established key connections will be vital for your job search.