Why Do People Hate Their Jobs

Hate My Job NYC
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So, the vast majority of people are unhappy with their jobs. According to a global Gallup poll statistic, 85% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs. So, you are certainly not alone if you are unhappy at work. It really is an alarming statistic. Several years ago, it was at about 70%, so although that was still high, it does appear to be trending upward. Do you hate your job? 

At one time or another we have all experienced unhappiness with our careers for one reason or another. Sometimes it has to do with a lack of trust in leadership, lack of opportunities, challenging work or perhaps a combination of those factors. Do you go home sometimes and say “I hate my job”? We all want to be productive and engaged, but that dissatisfaction can really stifle our motivation and creativity. 

So Why So Unhappy at Work, Do Your Hate Your Job? 

We may feel the grass is greener so to speak. Some tend to make things sound so much more exciting like influencers that travel for a living. However, if talk to a lot of those influencers you will find out they have day jobs just like you and find it very difficult to make a living as an influencer. 

Finding your dream job can be challenging. I remember six months after I was hired at a particular company, my boss left. This person was someone I greatly respected and thought I could learn from. That changed pretty quickly and I had to learn things very quickly and on the fly. Changes in leadership definitely impact how you see your job and your level of satisfaction. The point is things are always changing. Sometimes for the better sometimes the picture is no longer rosy. 

Prioritize What you Want in A Job 

I strongly suggest you prioritize what you want in your job. What are your non-negotiables that will make you happy at your next job? Paint a realistic picture. Compensation is obviously an important factor when determining if you want to accept a position. We all want to feel we are paid fairly and valued for our contributions. Being underpaid can definitely cause a level of dissatisfaction with our jobs. Do your research so you understand what is a fair salary within the job market based on your skills and experience. Have you lost faith in leadership? Leadership changes and turmoil at work doing to mergers or acquisitions or layoffs can definitely take a toll on how you feel about your job. 

Furthermore, what are you unwilling to compromise on either because you experienced it in the past or you know yourself and where you draw a line. It may be something that impacts you from being your best self at work or something you feel really strongly about. For instance, if a company sells a product or performs a service that conflicts with your values or there is a distrust of management. 

Finding the right opportunity can be challenging for a variety of reasons. We don’t want to settle and of course need to set realistic expectations as well. It can be tricky but worth the effort. Making these important career decisions can weigh on you. Sometimes you get too caught up in the day to day to make time to prioritize yourself and your goals. 

Take the time to truly assess what you want and to seek it out. If you need support with a professional resume or career coaching services, we are happy to help.