4 Top Reasons You Should Always Have An Updated Resume

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Job opportunities can come along unexpectedly. You may be happy in your current role but something great comes up that you just can’t pass up on. Perhaps you are looking for greater work life balance and this new job will give you that. When it happens, you have to be prepared or that perfect opportunity may just pass you by. Here are the top 4 reasons you should always have a standout resume even if you are not actively looking.

Be Prepared

If a recruiter, a colleague or former boss calls you up with an exciting job opportunity, you want to be prepared. They certainly won’t wait a couple of weeks for you to update your resume or find a professional resume writer to update it for you. They will simply pass you by and move on to the next viable candidate. 

Finding a job is about timing and it may happen when you are not actively looking. Things happen when you least expect them to so be prepared

Layoffs or Changes In Leadership

Your company or your boss can drop a major bomb on you. The company may be struggling financially and layoffs could be around the corner. Perhaps your boss was promoted or left the organization and you have a new supervisor that changes the dynamic of your work environment. Changes in leadership or lack of leadership are one of the main reasons people leave an organization. If you do not trust leadership or do not feel you will grow anymore, then it might be time to consider moving on. 

Negotiate On Your Own Terms Which Means A Higher Salary 

Furthermore, if you are not looking for a job and this amazing opportunity falls on your lap, then guess what? That means you are in the drivers seat. This gives you leverage to negotiate a higher salary and a more lucrative compensation package. It is a great feeling to be sought after as a candidate. Furthermore, a higher salary means a more comfortable living, perhaps planning that vacation you always wanted. Maybe you can simply breath easier when you feel financially sound. It can take a tremendous load off your shoulders to feel more comfortable. 

Work Life Balance 

Furthermore, a new role can be exciting. You can ask for more vacation time for a greater work life balance. Perhaps the salary is similar but offers you a remote or hybrid role. After all, you have one life to live and every day counts. You want to live life to the fullest. Keep in mind, you can ask for things during the negotiation process that are not generally on the table. It just depends what your goals are. If your goal is more work life balance, then negotiate terms that help you achieve that objective. Take a thoughtful approach and determine what you really want in your next job.

Be ready for the next job opportunity with a standout Resume. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the process.