A Great Resume, 4 Tips from Professional Resume Writers

What Makes a Great Resume, 4 Tips from Professional Resume Writers NYC
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So, the old phrase “throw spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks” does not apply to the makings of a great resume. Unfortunately, that’s how most people are taught to write their resumes. Most companies use software to screen resumes making it that much more difficult to figure out how to optimize your resume. 

Great Resume, Prioritize Your Content

Similar to a job interview, you want to focus on what is relevant when it comes to creating a great resume. If you are a seasoned professional, your job in college does not cut it. Typically, it is not relevant to your career path today. A resume is like any important marketing tool. You want to determine your target audience and quickly grab their attention. Easier said than done, yes, I will give you that point. Therefore, you must prioritize your resume content based on what is most relevant. 

Career Summary or Profiles are Essential 

Career Summaries are great for your target audience. Considering recruiters spend about 10 seconds reviewing a resume, it’s the best way to highlight your accomplishments and make it easier for them to see what a great candidate you are. So, my recommendation is to write the rest of the content before tackling your career summary. It helps you to see the big picture and understand the key elements before you put together a profile. There are a number of professional resume writers that follow this very strategy. 

Highlight Your Accomplishment

Although it may be tempting to list every job duty you perform, that is not what your target audience is looking for. They want the broad strokes, specifically your major accomplishments that have the most relevance to the roles you are seeking. It gives recruiters and hiring managers a better sense of the results they should expect from you as a candidate. It gives them a true sense of who you are, if you will be a fit and have the skills necessary to perform well and achieve the results they expect within the role. 

Relevant Key content and Keywords 

So, this part takes some homework, research and strong writing skills. You want to include key content and keywords that help your resume pass the initial software screening in a way that makes you stand out. The tricky part is you don’t just load up on keywords, they have to be properly weaved into your resume and make sense within the overall context. This is the part that has you looking for a professional resume writer. It is definitely the trickier and most important part of the process. 

Given how many qualified candidates are vying for the same role, you want to make sure you stand out. Some critical resume writing tips in are to highlight your key accomplishments, have a strong career profile and optimize your relevant key content. If you are still struggling with the process, a professional resume writer can help. We have been offering resume writing services for close to 15 years and have a strong track record of success.