Is Your Resume Format as Important as the Content?

Resume Format NYC
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As you create your resume package, you have to consider what the hiring manager is looking for. On average, hiring managers only spend 8 to 10 seconds on each resume. They review a lot of resumes, so your resume has to be concise and easy to read. Otherwise, you could miss out on your dream job. Your resume format must be perfect, or the hiring manager will be distracted from the content of the resume.

Formatting the Perfect Resume

Your resume format includes your layout, font, sections and overall presentation. A well-formatted resume helps the important information stand out. In just a few seconds, your resume needs to catch the hiring manager’s attention. An easy-to-scan resume will do just that. It lets you highlight key details instead of forcing the hiring manager to read through every line of your resume. Once the manager spots the right details, they will naturally want to read through the rest of your content. To peak their interest, they need to immediately see that your resume is worth reading.

Is Formatting More Important?

When it comes to getting the hiring manager’s attention, your resume format is more important than the content. Once you have their attention, the importance is entirely on the content. Think of it from the hiring manager’s point of view. They have one resume that is wall-to-wall text. The other resume includes bullet points, ample white space and clear section headings. One resume is easy to scan and read, but the other will be tossed in the no pile.

Your resume needs to have a clean, concise look to be read. To do this, start by using plenty of white space. This naturally draws the reader’s eye toward the writing. Between each section, leave blank spaces so that each section is easily differentiated. Avoid underlining because this makes the text harder to read. Bold or italics should be used sparingly.

You should never use more than two fonts. Multiple fonts tend to make texts harder to scan. Additionally, try using bullet points. These will naturally grab the reader’s attention, and they help to show off your key points. Bullet points can be used to showcase your accomplishments or skills. Whatever you do, make sure that you are consistent. The same types of styles, fonts and formatting techniques should be used throughout your resume. You want to make it as easy as possible for an employer to read through your resume.

Does Content Still Matter?

It would be impossible to overemphasize how important the content of your resume is. The format is only useful in making your resume easy to read. The underlying content is ultimately what will get you the job. Your format basically clears away any obstacles getting in the way of your content. Once the hiring manager can easily scan your resume, your work experience, education and skills are ultimately what will get you the job. To get your ideal position, you will need the right format and content if you want to get the hiring manager’s attention.