4 Must Haves for an Executive Resume NYC

4 Must Haves for an Executive Resume

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Are you a talented executive looking to make a move now? Your career has been extremely successful thus far and there’s so much information to capture. It’s difficult to determine what to include in your resume. There are limited positions available at the executive level and the competition is fierce, making it critical to have a powerful, dynamic resume. Your resume is a powerful marketing tool that must apply similar …

Resume Format NYC

Is Your Resume Format as Important as the Content?

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As you create your resume package, you have to consider what the hiring manager is looking for. On average, hiring managers only spend 8 to 10 seconds on each resume. They review a lot of resumes, so your resume has to be concise and easy to read. Otherwise, you could miss out on your dream job. Your resume format must be perfect, or the hiring manager will be distracted from …