4 Must Haves for an Executive Resume

4 Must Haves for an Executive Resume NYC
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Are you a talented executive looking to make a move now? Your career has been extremely successful thus far and there’s so much information to capture. It’s difficult to determine what to include in your resume. There are limited positions available at the executive level and the competition is fierce, making it critical to have a powerful, dynamic resume. Your resume is a powerful marketing tool that must apply similar principles to when you are marketing a product.

Pitfalls of the Executive Resume

Some common pitfalls for executive resumes are they include too much information and there’s a lack of priority and strategic placement of key accomplishments. They fall short in telling a compelling story. The hiring manager spends about 10 seconds on average scanning your resume. The typical executive resume is 3 pages in length. A recruiter must be able to quickly glance at your resume and see the relevant information especially at the executive level. Hiring the right candidate is critical to company success.

If you are not seeing much traction in your job search, it’s critical to evaluate your resume and see how it stacks up with the competition.

Executive Achievements

The executive summary should be concise and thoughtful, truly showcasing your bottom line results. Think about your major accomplishment and how to highlight them. Delivering critical information in short, powerful sound bites is highly effective.


Take a metrics approach in delivering a standout resume. This shows that you understand your audience is seeking results. You should quantify how you impacted top line revenue, bottom line of cost savings initiatives, and percent that you exceeded sales targets are just a few examples. Most individuals include information that mirrors a job description which is not the purpose of a resume.


Format is where resumes truly fall short and it’s especially important for executives. Target the format to your audience. Your resume will be scanned for seconds on a laptop or mobile phone. A bold format that allows the key decision makers to quickly see all the relevant information that’s needed is essential. Adding some subtle color to differentiate yourself from the competition is a smart move.

Years of Experience

It’s a general rule of thumb not to go back more than 20 years on your resume unless the position you are targeting requires more experience but that’s rare. After a certain point, graduation dates are not necessary. The focus should be on the information most relevant to the positions you are targeting.

It may be time to consider hiring a resume writing expert that has a clear understanding of the job market and what hiring managers are looking for at the executive level. A bold, powerful resume can put you a step ahead of the competition. Keep the information aligned with your current goals so you properly brand yourself for the next stage in your career. Tell a compelling story. Keep in mind, format is key. Following these tips can help you create an executive resume that delivers results.