Find A Job That’s Aligned With Your Values

Find A Job That's Aligned with Your Work Values NYC
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Our workday is a big part of our life, routine and how we view ourselves personally. We go to work every day to earn a living, be productive and have a sense of purpose. Some of us are lucky enough to perform a job we love, one that we feel is satisfying and is aligned with our work values. Some people go through the motions for that sense of financial security.

Why did I pick my job? Financial security? Autonomy? I don’t like change? At some point, it may be time to reevaluate your job to determine alignment with your work values.

Nature of the Work Aligned with Work Values

Do you value certain aspect of the work?

Autonomy in performing your job: Autonomy given when performing a job can be very motivating personally. Can you make decisions independently without someone looking over your shoulder or having someone question every step you take? Are you able to plan out a project independently, have resources available to you and the authority to drive those projects?

Compensation: Are you generously rewarded financially for your contributions? Do you enjoy the paycheck that comes with all your efforts?

Helping Others: Does the scope of your work help your community or society in some way? Is the company you work for committed to causes that are in line with your work values? There are a number of studies that show a company’s’ charitable work affected their decision to accept a job offer.


There are a number of personal values that are important in how you spend your free time, your ability to meet personal obligations and your overall sense of happiness.

Flexibility in your schedule: Does the company culture support work life balance so you can take your kids to soccer practice, spend time with your friends or go on fabulous vacations?

Becoming a home owner: Does this job allow you the opportunity to fulfill your dream of buying your home. Is it located within an area where homes are affordable?

Living in or near a city: Are you drawn to city life? Is your job in or near a big city that is aligned with your lifestyle?

Evaluate Work Values

This list can help you think about what are your work values. There may be other things you wish to add to this list. Think about the things you value and rate them from a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being most important.  Then rank your current job to see how closely it aligns with the most important values for you. We are different in terms of what we value most, what motivates us to succeed and what drives our lifestyle decisions.  Is it time to look for something new or give some thought to changes you can make in your current job so it’s more aligned with your values? I caution you to be realistic in your expectations. It’s a worthwhile exercise. In the long run, it can help you become more fulfilled and committed in your job.