Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

4 Reasons to Hire A Professional Resume Writer How Candidates are screened
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Writing a resume can be a daunting task. With so many changes in technology, how job market candidates are screened is a mystery. A professional resume writer at NYC Resume understands how candidates are screened and can focus on optimizing your resume appropriately. How are candidates screened today? How can I stand out in a super competitive job market? Where do I even begin with writing my resume, not to mention, writing is not one of my strengths? 

Struggling with Writing a Concise Resume

When your job consists of so many responsibilities, it is a challenge to write a concise resume. A professional resume writer will talk through your job responsibilities in order to gather all relevant information. A talented resume writer is an expert at prioritizing your resume based on what is most relevant to the positions you are targeting. While you may want to include everything you do in your job, that is not the best approach. Including irrelevant information will actually hurt your chances in the technology based screening process (referred to as ATS) that a majority of companies are using. 

You Are Losing Money by Not Hiring a Professional Resume Writer 

If you are unemployed, every day out of work costs you money. If you make $75,000 annually, every day costs you over $200 in lost wages. Suppose you are employed, but looking for a job, a professional resume will help maximize your earnings potential. Research shows well written resumes command a higher earnings potential. All in all, it is a worthy investment in yourself and your career. 

How Candidates are Screened

A recruiter will likely spend about 10 seconds scanning your resume if you rank well in the Applicant Tracking System also referred to as ATS. What that means is your resume has to include key content strategically placed in a user friendly format for the 10 second glance. It has to be concise and grab your audience’s attention in such a short period of time. It is quite challenging. A strong professional resume writer knows what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in a job candidate. 

Professional Resume Writers Makes You Stand out As a Candidate

Who can figure out what a hiring manager is looking for. Furthermore, who has the time to write a resume and really do justice to one’s accomplishments, unique skill set and strengths as a candidate. Most people are not trained in how to create a professionally written resume based on the technology used today.  

Hiring a professional resume writer could be the best investment you make in yourself. A strong resume writer can create a resume that stands out, is optimized for ATS and the 10 second scan done by recruiters or hiring managers. A candidate loses monies every day they are out of work or are not paid within their maximum earnings potential. A professional resume writer that is an expert in the recruitment process and how candidates are screened can add so much value. Let go of the pressure of writing a resume yourself.