Reflecting On Your Career Path

Reflect on Career Path NYC
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Now is a time that many people start to reflect on how the year has gone so far. You may reflect on your career path, important life decisions and what you want for next year. A change of colors in the season prompts some to think about considering other changes. It may be taking a different approach at work to get better results.

A Moment of Reflection

At some point, we all take time to look at where we are and where we want to be. Sometimes it is difficult to do an open and honest assessment. For many, there is so much to be done every day that it is hard to have that quiet time of reflection. There are always parts of our job that we enjoy more than others.

Celebrate Your Success

An important part of reflection is to recognize and celebrate your successes. Be proud of what you accomplished so far. Think about what you want to do next. Some goals you have in mind to end the year strong. Perhaps there is something you want to speak with your manager about in planning for next year. Taking stock of what you have achieved is a healthy exercise.

Values and Job Fit

Understanding your values and how they align with the company you work for is something people tend to reflect on. We all want to do something meaningful and with purpose. What we sometimes forget is every role serves a purpose and every person makes a valuable contribution. If you feel stuck or unsatisfied then take a look at that. Ask yourself some questions so you can figure out where you are and make the career decision or choose the career path that is right for you.

Change in Career Path

Change can be stressful; change can be scary. It can just be easier to maintain the status quo. There are times when a career change isn’t necessary example. The important point is to take time to reflect so you know when to initiate change. What makes change less stressful is a plan. So, if you think that you might want to go in a new direction or change jobs, then determine some action steps to help you achieve that goal. It may be something small like taking a course or workshop to sharpen your skills. A great way to set goals is by identifying skill gaps. There may be a new technology you need to be brought up to speed on. You may want to research other companies and start making contacts.

In your current role, you may want to put yourself out there and volunteer for different types of projects and assignments. There are a lot of benefits to this. You can be challenged in new ways. This can help you develop different skills. It also helps those in decision making roles see you in a different light.

Whether you make a change or not, a time for reflection and celebration is important. Looking at all your accomplishments and setting some short and long term goals is a healthy part of learning and growing. Whatever you decide, make a plan and evaluate your progress.