Best Career Advice NYC

The Best Career Advice: Four Tips That Work

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People want to feel good about what they do. Everyone’s role has a purpose. Working hard and seeing the fruits of your labor can be fulfilling. Here are four tips for the best career advice based on years of guiding thousands of individuals in their career journey and partnering with senior executives. Setting Priorities One organization that I worked for, our former boss came into our organization and saw that …

Practicing Mindfulness NYC

Practicing Mindfulness At Work

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We all want to be happy at work, perhaps practicing mindfulness can help. It is where we spend most of our waking hours. We feel satisfied when we perform well at work and make an impactful contribution. Knowing that your work matters and you are making a difference is very powerful. Although we understand that, we do not always feel confident that we are in fact doing so. There is …

What Can I Do To Feel Happy At Work NYC

What Can I Do To Feel Happy At Work

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Most of us prefer not to search for a job. We want to be employed, perform challenging work and be treated fairly. Although there’s more to it, I hear that from most of my clients. With fairness comes at market compensation and a positive work environment where you are respected and appreciated for your contributions. Furthermore, your relationship with your manager is strong, (s)he is willing to provide challenging work …

3 Critical Skills to Be Successful Today NYC

3 Critical Skills to Be Successful Today

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Different skills are required depending on the nature of your job. However, some skills are universal in today’s job market. You should identify opportunities to continue to enhance these critical skills. You can take on projects at work, consider attending workshops, practice utilizing these skills. In addition, continuing to focus on professional development and staying relevant in today’s competitive landscape will give you an edge. Innovative Thinking Companies are constantly …