Practicing Mindfulness At Work

Practicing Mindfulness NYC
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We all want to be happy at work, perhaps practicing mindfulness can help. It is where we spend most of our waking hours. We feel satisfied when we perform well at work and make an impactful contribution. Knowing that your work matters and you are making a difference is very powerful. Although we understand that, we do not always feel confident that we are in fact doing so. There is an important social component to the workplace. We want to build meaningful relationships with our colleagues and feel a sense of belonging. It is vital to be listened to and understood in the workplace. If that is what we want, the question becomes are we ourselves putting that into practice? Are we offering that to others?

Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can make a tremendous difference on our outlook and level of satisfaction at work. It can offer us a sense of calm and peace. First of all, let us dig into what practicing mindfulness means. It may be slightly different to each of us. Being aware of what is going on around you will help you keep your finger on the pulse. It will help you understand. You will have a better sense of your colleagues around you and changes in the environment. This will allow you to have a better sense of your approach and what matters.

Being Mindful in the Workplace

In the workplace, it is important to observe and understand what is going on. You do not want to prematurely draw conclusions. Observing the environment, asking questions and fully appreciating the situation. In accordance with lean principles, that exploration is referred to as the 5 Whys. It is a method utilized to problem solve and identify the root cause of an issue. The main point is to take the time to develop a true understanding so you can take appropriate action.

Once you have established that, you can show a genuine level of empathy without pushing your own agenda or ideas. Once that is determined, you can take action accordingly. So many times, people come in with preconceived notions and gather data that reinforces those opinions. Practicing mindfulness requires discipline, strong listening skills resulting in true understanding and solid actions that make sense.

The Benefits

Being present in the moment is immensely powerful. Practicing mindfulness in the workplace pushes us outside of our comfort zone. It tests our ability to live in the moment and to be completely present. Colleagues and team members appreciate mindfulness. It allows them to feel truly heard and understood. The benefit to the company is a more engaged workforce. Furthermore, it promotes a more comprehensive level of problem solving.

Practicing mindfulness can dramatically change our perspective in the workplace. Furthermore, it may also have a tremendous impact on building relationships and level of understanding. It is natural, if you have worked someplace for a long time to feel as if you are simply going through the motions. It will enhance your strategy, problem solving and performance. There are many benefits to being present for a happier, healthier outlook at work.