My New Year’s Happiness Resolution

happiness New Year's resolution NYC
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So, we make New Year’s resolution for weight loss or to cut sugar. Boy is that a tall order. How about a happiness New Year’s resolution? It is something that gets forgotten in the every day life. Dealing with the day to day hustle and bustle of life, we don’t assess how we are doing on the happiness meter so to speak.

Happiness New Year’s Resolution

One aspect of your life that you want to measure your happiness level is your work. You spend many waking hours on the job. You want those hours to be meaningful and fulfilling. Every role has a certain purpose and all roles are important. Sometimes we go through the motions at work and don’t take stock. Are you happy and is your work meaningful? Do you enjoy most of what you do every day? Do you feel like you are making a contribution? How would you rate your career happiness on a scale of one to ten?

Small Career Steps

Evaluating your level of happiness can be scary. It might mean you have to make a change if you admit you aren’t happy. You may just need to make small changes. Perhaps you don’t feel as challenged. If that’s the case, talk to your boss about taking on different work assignments, sharpening your skills. Maybe you consider applying for a different job opportunity at your company. There are small changes you can make by exploring your options and talking to people with influence. It is important in your happiness resolution goal.

Work Life Balance

So, are you doing something to make you happy during your time off? It can be a small thing that makes you feel good. We are all on a budget these days. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate vacation. More like, something as simple as a walk in your favorite park or in nature. It can be dancing or binging on your favorite show or mindful meditation or a coffee with a friend. Taking 10 to 20 minutes each day for meditation. Whatever it is that makes you relax and feel good, make the time to do. Once it becomes part of your routine, it’s much easier to remember yourself. Taking your happiness New Year’s resolution seriously. Make it one of your goals and stick to it.


So, what are you doing for your happiness resolution? And how is it going? Share the happiness resolution within your social circle. Perhaps it will help them too. You can all keep each other on track so you are sticking to it. If you are happier, then your relationships should be healthier. How happy you are is reflected in all aspects of your life. If you are unhappy, it places a strain on your relationships. If you are unhappy at work, you may have a hard time sleeping well on a Sunday night because you don’t look forward to your work week.

We should all feel a sense of joy and happiness. Yes, life can throw many challenges and some sadness our way. The important thing is to take hold of and cherish those happy moments.