Unhappy At Your New Job

Unhappy At Work NYC
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We try our best when going through the job search process. We diligently research the company and ask thoughtful questions during the interview process. During the interview, we get an impression of each of the interviewers, if we feel we can learn from them or align with their values. There’s a lot that goes into the thought process. Let’s face it, we also take jobs we are not necessarily excited about. Sometimes we contend with being unhappy at work. People have financial responsibilities and sometimes they have to accept a job offer they may not necessarily be comfortable with.

Another Job Offer

You may have accepted a job and then a month into it, another hiring manager calls you extending an offer for your dream job. People feel torn. A commitment was made and you want to do the honorable thing, but this new job is very tempting. What do you do? Well, it depends on a number of factors. Are you happy at your new role? Is the work challenging and are you fairly compensated? What may not have been your dream job could turn into one. You may not want it on your resume that you left a company after such a short tenure.

Considerations If Unhappy At Work

You may be unhappy at work. You accepted the job because you needed to work but feel dissatisfied every day. The way the position was described is not necessarily what you are experiencing. Although you had a good impression of your hiring manager during the interview, your boss is not what you expected. The nature of the work may not be what you want. If it’s only the nature of your work, you want to make sure it’s not going to change. During the training period, they may not give you the full duties you will be assuming. It may be a matter of getting your feet wet and helping you transition. Some of the other factors can be difficult to navigate through.


Sometimes you stay at your job because of the compensation. You are well paid and don’t want to give up that salary and some of the financial freedoms that come with it. On the flip side, you may have taken a position for less than what you feel you are worth. You wanted a job quickly and had to make a sacrifice in terms of pay. It happens. However, the salary is having an impact on your level of satisfaction and feelings about the company. You may still be looking for that perfect opportunity.

Evaluate what it is that truly makes you unhappy at work. Is it something that can be rectified? If so, you should strongly consider doing that. If your manager is happy with you and you feel they are approachable, perhaps you try that route. You want to be diplomatic with the conversation. If you are new to the role, it’s important to take a tactful approach and feel the situation out. There must have been something that gave you a good impression during the interview process. Think about your overall situation and see if it still makes sense to seek out something new.