Unhappy At Work NYC

Unhappy At Your New Job

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We try our best when going through the job search process. We diligently research the company and ask thoughtful questions during the interview process. During the interview, we get an impression of each of the interviewers, if we feel we can learn from them or align with their values. There’s a lot that goes into the thought process. Let’s face it, we also take jobs we are not necessarily excited …

Tips for Questions to Ask About Corporate Culture

Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

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It may not feel this way, but a job interview is a two way street. They are learning more about you and your fit for the role. You should find out more about this company, what they offer you, if your values align with the company and will you will fit in with their corporate culture. After applying for so many positions and finally getting the call for an interview, …

How to Evaluate the Company Culture NYC

How to Evaluate the Company Culture

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You want to succeed at your new job, so you need to know how you fit with the company culture. The corporate culture says a lot about what it is like to work somewhere. Employees ideally have to fit the company’s culture if they want to feel fulfilled in their new job. Ask the following questions to see if your new company is right for you. What Is the Company …