Job Interviewing Tips that Get Results

Job Interviewing Tips NYC
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Job Interviewing can be stressful. A strong resume will give you confidence with your job search. The job interview is what clinches the deal so to speak. You need to be on top of your game. As a hiring manager, recruiter and resume writer, I have an understanding of what is critical to nailing an interview. From my interviewing experience, I have seen the common pitfalls of interviewing as well.

Behavioral Job Interviewing

Behavioral interviewing has been around for many years. The technique has been used more frequently by hiring managers because the questions focus on specific examples of past performance. The questions are geared toward gathering the most relevant information. It allows you to articulate times when you demonstrated certain skills. They can certainly be tough interview questions if you don’t properly prepare.

There’s more of an emphasis on accomplishments. It typically starts with “Tell me about a time when you… or Describe when you…”. When preparing for the interview, you want to thoroughly review the job description. Understand what skills are most relevant to the position. For instance, if strong project management experience is a requirement, you want to think of solid examples of when you successfully managed a key project for your company. What is essential, is to communication the situation, what actions you took and what was the end result in quantifiable terms. This gives the hiring manager an indication of your past performance as an indicator of what you are capable of.

Your Elevator Pitch

What is referred to your elevator pitch typically answers the Tell Me About Yourself question that is commonly asked. The key is relevance. When you practice your pitch, you focus on the elements most relevant to the position. It should be concise and really emphasize your major accomplishments. Practicing your pitch is vital. It will increase your confidence level so you can deliver it, when it matters most. That is generally the first question that you are asked. So, you need to nail that question in order to successfully set the tone for the rest of your job interview.

The Interview Is A Two Way Street

Think of the interview as a conversation. It is an opportunity for you and the hiring manager to determine if this is the right fit. You have a chance to observe the work environment while you are waiting. Then during the job interview, you should ask questions to help you determine if this is the right opportunity for you. Generally, a job applicant is so focused on impressing the interviewers. They may forget to gather the information needed to make a decision if offered the position.

The interview process can be stressful. Initially it’s exciting to receive a call for an interview. Then the nerves start to kick in. The key is preparation. You really need to reflect on your major accomplishments. Once you identified the examples you want to communicate, practicing will boost your confidence level. Ask a trusted colleague to help you prepare or you should consider a career coach or resume writer to assist you. An hour or two with a professional coach may be just what you need. Always invest the time in preparing. It could be your dream role that you land.