3 Critical Skills to Be Successful Today NYC

3 Critical Skills to Be Successful Today

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Different skills are required depending on the nature of your job. However, some skills are universal in today’s job market. You should identify opportunities to continue to enhance these critical skills. You can take on projects at work, consider attending workshops, practice utilizing these skills. In addition, continuing to focus on professional development and staying relevant in today’s competitive landscape will give you an edge. Innovative Thinking Companies are constantly …

Goal Setting for your New Job NYC

Setting Goals for Your New Job

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Starting a new job can be exciting and it can also be a bit overwhelming. You are in a new environment where you have to prove yourself all over again. Typically, you don’t really know anyone in this new company. You want to establish a reputation and do well for the company and yourself. There’s so much to learn about the company, your role and establishing relationships and realistic goals …