5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common NYC

5 Things Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

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Do you ever wonder how certain entrepreneurs become so successful? Are you trying to find your way down the entrepreneurial track? There are a number of things many successful entrepreneurs have in common. The good news is when considering starting a business, it’s typically best to tap into your natural talents and abilities. J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter began writing at age six. Warren Buffet made his first investment at …

How to Come Up with a Business Idea NYC

How to Come Up With a Business Idea

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While many new businesses start up each year, only a small portion of them last for five years or longer. Your business idea can contribute greatly to whether your company is a success or failure. You need to brainstorm a plan that helps your business find customers and turn a profit. Create a Business Idea by Problem Solving The best businesses are based around solving problems. From the light bulb …

Marketing Tips for Your Import Export Business NYC

Marketing Tips for Your Import Export Business

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A marketing strategy to drive customer activity is critical to having a successful import export business. You have to reach your customer base and sell desirable products. Whether you are just starting out or have an established platform, an online presence and social media can help you target buyers and generate excitement for your products. Be Selective You can only do so much in a day. Instead of using all …